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How to lodge your tax with a registered tax agent

Hearing the word “tax” is enough to make some people throw their hands in the air and groan. As one of life’s two certainties, there’s not much that’s fun about tax (even with the latest tax cuts). Business owners, employees, sole traders – we all have to do our taxes. Or do we?

Let’s explore whether you should do all the heavy lifting yourself, or invest in a registered tax agent to make your life easier.

Should I lodge with a registered tax agent?

The short answer is yes. Lodging your annual tax return through a registered tax agent is a smart decision. It takes away the frustration and long hours spent putting together your tax every year. Plus, with a registered tax agent you know you can trust them to do everything by the book. That means the ATO won’t be knocking on your door in a few years’ time because you got your numbers wrong.

“Where are all the accountants near me?” we hear you ask. There’s more than you think. As of December 2019, there were over 166,000 professional members of CPA Australia. Even here in Burnie, Tasmania you’ll find expert accountants and tax agents to service your tax needs.

What you’ll get from a registered tax agent

While you will have to pay a registered tax agent to manage your tax affairs, the benefits far outweigh the cost. Some of the biggest pros include:

  • Time savings: Doing your own tax takes hours at a time – and even more if you have employees. Passing everything over to a registered tax agent means you can use those hours on your business instead.
  • Total compliance: Worried about compliance and disclosure when doing your own tax? No longer! Your registered tax agent will abide by all the ATO’s rules.
  • No need to worry about deadlines: As the tax deadline approaches, Australians get more and more stressed about having to do it. Wouldn’t it be nice to no longer have to worry about tax deadlines?
  • Long-term relationship: You might think about using a registered tax agent as a one-off when you’re busy, but there’s a good chance you’ll be back again next year. Plus, having an accountant on call means you can ask them about other concerns, such as BAS, payroll, bookkeeping and more.

Where can I find accountants near me to lodge my tax?

It’s simple enough to type a generic “accountants near me” search into Google and get page after page of suggestions. But just like you care about who you bank with, you should also care about who looks after your tax. After all, a professional tax agent is more likely to get you the best possible return while staying within the legal boundaries outlined by the ATO.

At Gillet & Associates, we’re pride ourselves on applying intelligent tax solutions for business owners. Not only can we take care of your company’s tax obligations, but we also offer a wide variety of services and advice to support your business as it grows. That’s why we’re the best small business taxation specialists around.

For expert tax advice, contact Gillet & Associates today or call us on (03) 6431 8151.

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